General characteristics of insomnia

Causes of insomnia
Effective combat insomnia is only possible after the correct determination of its cause. It is not easy to determine what's stealing your sleep. But to do this is very important because if you remove the cause, the problem will disappear by itself - Buy Ambien

Violation of the rules of sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene includes many factors. For example, moderately hard bed, comfortable pillow, quiet, the optimum temperature in the bedroom and fresh air. You can Wake up too early due to the fact that you awaken the sun's rays or in the nearby club music way too loud.

If you violate the rules of sleep symptoms of insomnia are varied: the inability to sleep in spite of severe fatigue; surface interrupted sleep; early morning Wake-up. Anxiety, worry, stress

Insecure people tend to exaggerate the problem and the long-term to consider, and before bed there is time. This cause of insomnia is typical for women because they are more prone to "soul-searching", the analysis of their actions and shortcomings.

Stress threatens all. It can provoke a variety of situations: changing of the seasons, destroyed plans, unrequited love or the illness of a loved one. But the result is the same – reduced protective forces of an organism, and there is insomnia.

A stressful situation causes disruptions in the nervous system. Therefore, in the right moment triggered areas of the brain responsible for sleep. And disturbances in the functioning of the glands reduce production of the sleep hormone and increased adrenaline-like substances in the body that just freak him out nervous system.

General recommendations for the treatment of insomnia

A few rules of healthy sleep will help you fall asleep quickly in the evening and in the morning Wake up fresh and rested.

Follow the regime of the day.
Be physically active during the day, move more.
Do not overeat at night.
Do not use restorative materials in the second half of the day: alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine.
Create comfort in your bedroom: cool, fresh air, cozy bed.
15 minutes each evening will be devoted to relaxation: music, warm bath, book, meditation.
Do not take sleeping pills without a prescription. It helps only a few days, and then it's addictive and the drug ceases to act. Better to use the recipes of herbal medicine.